• Name: Tony
    Style: Vintage
    Outfit: Renious
    Bag: A classy clutch bag with a vivid image of a kingfisher on the front of it. Shows off your boyfriend's fashionable taste.
    Jacket: Make it look like your dating James Bond with this long khaki jacket. A perfect blend of casual and formal wear.
    Top: Every man should own at least one denim shirt. Don't let his wardrobe be lacking of one.
    Bottom: A pair of skinny dark brown chinos that are made from a soft cotton material. 
    Shoes: A pair of unisex ankle boots made from a shiny brown leather. Ideally worn with skinny chinos that can be tucked inside.
  • Name: Henry
    Style: Casual
    Outfit: Shelby
    Bag: Show off your man's confidence by having him carry this classy tote bag. Comes with vivid insect prints on the front.
    Top: This sleek magenta sweater comes with a high collar to keep your man's neck safe from the cold.
    Bottom: This pair of white cotton trousers will really make your boyfriend light up the office.
    Shoes: This pair of designer shoes comes with a logo on the top to show off your man's good taste in clothes. 
    Hat: A vintage black beret that makes the wearer look like a cool British gangster. Courtesy of the Peaky Blinders!
  • Name: Steven
    Style: Preppy
    Outfit: Fraternity
    Jacket: A classic fraternity V-neck sweater with a university logo on the chest and red and white stripes.
    Top: A light blue plaid top with bees all over it. Gives a summery feel that is perfect for lounging on the campus greens.
    Bottom: A pair of black slim fit pants with a red stripe down each leg. Great for formal campus events.
    Shoes: A pair of black low top shoes with cute printed patterns all over them. A nice blend of casual and formal wear.
    Necklace: A traditional tricolored striped tie that can be worn on formal college events.
    Socks: A pair of grass green woven socks. Not only do they look good, but they're also incredibly warm.
  • Name: Edward
    Style: Casual
    Outfit: Svalbard
    Jacket: A coffee colored corduroy jacket with a spacious hood that can protect your man's hair whilst dancing in the rain.
    Top: Show off your man's attractive physique with this slim-fit cotton shirt. Ideal for meeting your friends for the first time.
    Bottom: A pair of khaki plaid bottoms that go well with light colored shirts. Smart and casual.
    Shoes: These shiny leather shoes have a unique combination of magenta, blue and black.
    Ring: Improve your boyfriend's social standing with this intricate silver signet ring that brings a high-class look to any outfit.
  • Name: Cathy
    Style: Artsy
    Outfit: Podria
    Dress: Multi colores dress with shapes.
    Shoes: Black patent leather boots with a red head.
    Hat: Beret hat in black with a middle line.
    Necklace: Gold necklace with a heart key.
    Shades: Yellow ligh glasses.
  • Name: Michelle
    Style: Business
    Outfit: Jujube
    Bag: Jujube red handbag. Easy to carry and convenient with its multiple pockets.
    Top: Splice top, sleeve like leopard skin, stand up collar and deep neckline.
    Bottom: Cropped pant with simple design, very comfortable but formal.
    Shoes: Pointed brown shoes, in jujube red, high heels and decorated with many rivets.
    Necklace: Chain necklace that will make a triangular shape in your chest, ends in a circular pendant.
    Earrings: A golden bow hold two magnificent perfect pearls.
    Bracelet: Little pearls chained one next to the other.
  • Name: Megan
    Style: Artsy
    Outfit: Miss Hip
    Bag: Use this backpack to search for what you want.
    Jacket: An artsy yellow jacket that really pops and shows off to the world. Animal prints are stitched in to the fabric.
    Top: Simplistic shirt for a girl who knows what she wants.
    Bottom: A button-up black skirt with a denim finish.
    Shoes: Black boots with a cool energy. Can be used with a lot of versatility.
    Earrings: Sick and tired of all the insects? These cute earrings will keep them away with the power of fab! 
    Shades: Round glasses are cooler and cooler as time goes by. Jump on now!
  • Name: Beth
    Outfit: Zasca
    Bag: Heart shaped bag, to carry the things you love the most.
    Top: Pink and white top, see though and with big petal long sleeves.
    Bottom: Red short skirt, simple design but with two frontal pockets.
    Shoes: Open toe sandals in red, with a logo in the front and straps.
    Necklace: Simple and comfortable scarf, with a heart logo.
    Earrings: Heart and pearl earring, covered in sequins.
    Socks: Simple white stockings, keeps you warm and match easily.
  • Name: Alina
    Style: Vintage
    Outfit: Storytime
    Bag: Woven bag with wrinkled texture.
    Jacket: Plaid jacket in light blue with strings.
    Top: Slim turtleneck sleeveless top.
    Bottom: Brown pants, very long and loose.
    Shoes: Grey shoes, high heels and pointy.
    Belt: Long thin belt in blue.
    Bracelet:  Pink bracelet made of silk.
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  • Business
  • Holiday
  • Preppy
  • Ethnic
  • Vintage
  • Casual
  • Business
  • Party
  • Party
  • Party
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  • Business
  • Elegant
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