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How to Play Guild

Guild Level & Members
1. Members can increase their guild experience and contribution at a contribution table.
2. The higher a guild's level, the more members can be recruited, and the more salary members can claim every day. In addition, members will be given more chances to play 'Spot the Difference'.
3. Each member has their own role: CEO, Vice President, Manager, Designer or Member. The member with the highest contribution on that day will become the President for the following day.

How to obtain:
1. Each member can claim salary every day. The amount of salary depends on the guild's level.
2. Play 'Spot the Difference' at a design table to obtain salary.
1. salary can be used to improve various guild skills. The higher their skill level, the more buffs the player can obtain. The higher the guild level, the higher the max skill level. Skill effects can only be used individually and cannot be shared.
2. Purchase drawings for design, color changes, and upgrades in the designer's shop.

Daily to do list
1. Claim the Salary.

2. Play 'Spot the Difference' at a design table. 

3. Increase guild level at a contribution table. 

4. Improve guild skills.


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