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TV Plays

1. A large amount of parts and golds can be obtained from passing TV Play chapter levels. Level rewards are divided into Ordinary, Perfect, and Record-breaking. There’s a chance of obtaining the corresponding rewards when you pass with Ordinary and Perfect. Passing a level with the Record-breaking title will win you a high-quality part. Note: Players cannot get rewards when they break their own records. They must break other players' records to get rewards.
2. The guide shows the required parts for passing a level. It is easier to pass a level after you've collected all the parts.
3. After all the current main quests have been passed perfectly, the side quests can then be unlocked.
4. All the parts required for each chapter are shown. You must collect all the required parts before you can progress to the next chapter.
5. You can view all the current level's info. in the upper right corner of the screen. A level's difficulty is divided into Normal and Difficult. The difficult levels will be unlocked after the player passes level 3-7. Difficult levels have no parts that require collecting and cannot be passed with a record-breaking title. In addition, rewards in difficult levels are different from those in normal levels.
6. Each level has a 'Dressing' section. On the dressing screen, players can follow the tips and change their model's clothes. You can check the audience rating with the progress bar at the top. 'A' means you’ve passed the level; 'S' means you've passed the level perfectly.
7. On the dressing screen, pets can also help you to rack up score. Players can press on pet skills manually to add score. This is very important!
8. Each level has a dialogue option for players to choose from. A more likeable conversation can give you additional audience rating.

9. Only when a level is perfectly passed can the 'quick-pass 1 time' and 'quick-pass 5 times' be used.


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