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Event Time: Fri. 00:00 - Sun. 21:59 (every week) 

Results Time: Sun. 22:00 - Sun. 23:59 (every week)

1. During the event period, participants can challenge other players in the ranking list. If you win, you can exchange places with your opponent.
2. There are 7 levels in total. If you rank top in the list, your level will increase after the competition. If you ranked in the middle, your level will remain the same after the competition. If you ranked towards the bottom, your level will drop after the competition. You can check how your level has increased and decreased on the leaderboard and challenge screen. Win yourself a higher place!
3. There are 5 free challenges per day. Diamonds can be used to purchase extra attempts.
4. One-fifth of your boyfriend’s score will be calculated. Pets can earn you score according to their skills, up to 4 pets can be used. Pets can't be used if they're dead or unhappy.
5. A certain style and tag will be assigned in each competition. At least one item that suits the style is required to participate in the competition. Clothes that fit the tag can earn you a considerable bonus.
6. Parts rewards obtained from the Runway can give you more advantages in 'Coquetterie'. Aim to collect them!

How to get a high score:
1)Choose as many parts, hairstyles and models that fit the styles and tags as possible. If you wear a whole set, there is an extra set bonus (male and female).
2)Upgrade to get a higher level of clothing by using the color change function in the workshop.
3)Get more pets, and upgrade to more effective ones.

1. Ranking rewards: You can claim ranking rewards according to how well you do in the rankings. The higher your rank, the more rewards you’ll get.
2. Score rewards: 3 pts will be awarded for winning and 1 pt for failing. Reach a certain score to claim the corresponding reward.
Crystal Shoes can be exchanged for pet shards at the Crystal Shoe Store. Note: For some items, there may be a level limit. If the reward is not claimed in time, it will be sent to you by mail.


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