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1. The event is reset every day at 00:00. To participate in the competition, you must match a dress with some shoes, or a top with bottoms and shoes.
2. The system will specify a dress code every day. All items that meet the requirements will earn you a 500% score bonus. There is no bonus for items that don't meet the requirements.
3. Participants will randomly match an opponent for a Coquetterie match, in which, pets can be used. 5 pts will be awarded for winning and 1 pt for losing. The higher your accumulated score, the more difficult it will be for your opponent.
4. There are 5 free challenges per day. Diamonds can be used to purchase extra attempts.
5. After the first competition, players can use the “Speed Up” button in the lower right corner to speed up the process and view the result directly.

1. Ranking reward: The higher the final ranking, the more rewards you’ll get. A Champion Set you've obtained can earn you higher rewards in Coquetterie.
2. Score rewards: Earn a certain score to claim the corresponding reward.
Sapphires you obtain can be used to purchase drawings of different parts at the Sapphire Store. 

If a reward is not claimed in time, it will be sent to you by mail.


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