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Registration Time: Mon. 00:00 - Thu. 23:59  

Competition Time: Fri. 00:00 - Sun. 21:59  Result Time: Sun. 22:00 - Sun. 23:59

1. Players can change their outfits during the registration period. At least 3 parts must fit the required tags before they can be saved. Your look cannot be changed after the registration.
2. During the competition period, players can choose their favorite players to give them likes. Receiving super likes can earn you a higher score.
3. The more ratings there are, the longer the CD time will be.

1. The more likes a player gets, the more rewards they will receive.
2. The more likes a player gives, the more score rewards they will receive.
3. Each participant will get a gold coin reward.
Silver Member you obtain can unlock the garden in the 'Wonderland' and can be used to purchase garden decorations in the Silver Member Store.

If a reward is not claimed in time, it will be sent to you by mail.


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