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How to obtain pets?
1. Purchase with crystals in the Crystal Store. Crystals can be obtained from 'Runway'.
2. Can be obtained as a leaderboard reward in the Runway.
3. Can be obtained as a VIP reward or from promotion events.

Pet attributes:
1. Pets have 3 health attributes: Hunger, Thirst and Mood.
Hunger: Can be recovered by feeding standard, natural or organic food. The better the quality of the pet food, the more hunger can be recovered.
Thirst: Can be recovered by drinking tap water, filtered water or distilled water. The higher the quality of the water, the more thirst can be recovered.
Mood: Can be increased by playing with your pets. The higher the quality of their toys, the more their mood can be increased.
2. There’s 1 free feeding, 1 free drinking and 1 free play time per day. Diamonds can be used to purchase extra attempts.
3. When a pet is neglected, they will get ill or even die. If a pet is sick, players can increase their pet’s health attribute by feeding them food, water, and playing with them. If a pet dies, player can spend diamonds to resurrect them.
4. Setting your pets free can get you a certain amount of crystal shoes, however the pets will be lost as a result of this. Think twice before you decide!

Pet upgrades:

Every pet has its own unique skills. Upgrading a pets level and strengthening their skills can get you more score in many functions and events.


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