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Phone Calls

Time: Every Mon. 00:00 - Sun. 23:59 (one cycle). Intimacy is reset weekly.

1. There are 2 female and 1 male characters on the contact book screen every week. Chatting can increase intimacy. For every 1000 intimacy pts a player has with a character, they can get a random rare part from them.
2. Check the characters’ info. and available parts lists on the favorability screen.
3. 3 characters will make two random calls every day. Each call lasts for 2 mins. Try not to miss the calls. If a player doesn’t pick up or rejects a call in those 2 mins, the call ends. Players have a free opportunity to call a character each day. Diamonds can be used to purchase extra attempts.

4. Each character will post one update in their instagrams. Leave comments to get intimacy.


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